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  • "All Nights Out" Review
    “Highly Recommended”
    May 2010 Rolling Stone (France)
  • "All Nights Out" Review
    “A contender for album of the year – the perfect alternative pop crossover”
    November 2009 Subba Cultcha (Chris Merriman)
  • "All Nights Out" Review
    “ experience of sheer, unadulterated, uncensored, joyous, indie pomp.”
    7 December 2009 Hot Spot Music
  • "All Nights Out" Review
    “Outside Royalty have built on this tradition, creating a darkly sensual landscape all their own…”
    2 December 2009 The Quietus (Ben Graham)
  • "All Nights Out" Review
    “The album ‘All Nights Out’ is out now, via their own Mothlight Records, and esteemed editor is already hailing it as one of those ‘album of the year’ things that everyone goes on about at this time of year.”
    December 2009 RokPool
  • "All Nights Out" Review
    “The simple beauty of intimate songs like ‘Falling’ and ‘Voice Beneath The Rubble’ are almost unheard of in these times of screaming guitar-assaults and extravaganzas.
    December 2009 Rootstime (Belgium)
  • Live Show Review
    “Quick glance at the schedule reveals time to hang on at Walkabout to catch Outside Royalty.”
    18 October 2009 Tincan - In The City Review (Matt Rynn)
  • "Lightbulb (Turning Off)" Review
    “The best band in Britain today. Seriously.”
    September 2009 Subba Cultcha (Chris Merriman)
  • Live Show Review
    “Tracks like ‘Palladium’ and ‘A Lightbulb Turning Off’ are instant classics for this wave of indie, easily superior to anything created by Franz Ferdinand, Kasabian, Kaiser Chiefs, The Killers, Razorlight, Kooks, The View, The Fratellis, Bloc Party and Keane in the last couple of years.”
    1 August 2009 Check Out Gigs (Muhammad Odeh)
  • Live Show Review
    “The Outside Royalty, all the way from Pittsburgh, took it up a notch with their hunky dory, ‘yeehaah’ appeal.”
    29 June 2009 Bearded Magazine (interiorlulu)

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