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“A contender for album of the year – the perfect alternative pop crossover”
A contender for album of the year – the perfect alternative pop crossover

There’s very little that I can say in criticism of All Nights Out. OK, so perhaps if it had 20 tracks, or free beer with it, but musically, it’s damn near perfect. I will hold up my hands now, and say that I have met the band on several occasions, but when I discovered them, I hadn’t and was instantly a fan, so I feel like I can write about the album pretty objectively. So neh.

From the opening chords of “Ohio” to the last strains of “Safety In Numbers”, it’s almost impossible to question their talent, their style or their combination of accessibility and originality.

The “originality” part comes from the use of a string section that manages to combine effortlessly with the guitar-bass-drums-keyboard-indie-in-2009 to form something a bit special.

The songwriting is just sublime, with tracks like “(Voice) Beneath The Rubble” managing to be both hauntingly beautiful and uproariously singalong, all at the same time.

Since the band moved their base of operations to England (they originally hail from Pittburgh) they’ve built up a healthy following, and this is reflected in the fact that they’ve recently played riotous nights at Club NME, and are about to embark on a European tour with The newly-reformed Cranberries.

Their style is a mixture of the American rock that makes us love Kings of Leon so much, coupled with a darker, Canadian Arcade Fire sound, with a touch of The Features just for good measure and let’s face it, we Brits can’t get enough of that right now.

Bravely, the band have shunned major label attention for full creative control and the album comes to us courtesy of their own Mothlight Records. The DIY ethos is serving them well up to now and I only hope that the odd review like this will allow them to beat the tough odds that they’ve given themselves.

I hate to be a sycophant, but I would also hate for one of the finest albums of the year to get buried just because it isn’t released on a major. So this is me slobbering and drooling and saying “go buy this now. It’s important.”


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