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  • Lightbulb (Turning Off) + A. Human Remix Preorder
    The “Lightbulb (Turning Off)” single will be released on the 26th of October! It’s backed with the most excellent remix of Falling by A. Human and our cover of Eleanor Rigby. Preorder now!
  • Release dates updated
    The Lightbulb (Turning Off) single will now be released on 26 October, 2009, while the album All Nights Out will be released on 2 November, 2009. Look for them online and in shops across the UK!
  • New material on the fansite
    If you haven’t already registered for the fansite, now’s the time to do it! Two new downloads available!
  • Great review from Club COG at The Lexington!
    We received a great review on the Club COG official blog after the show at the Lexington. Thanks so much for everyone who came out! We had a blast! Read more for the full review…
  • Fans section now live!
    Check out the “Fans Only” section above for exclusive news and downloads!
  • Drummer (almost) dies...
    In a bizarre lofting accident…
  • New site live!
    The new version of theoutsideroyalty.com is now live!
  • Sincere Management & The FAC
    Outside Royalty are now managed by Sincere Management.
  • In the Studio
    The band is relentlessly working to complete their most ambitious set of recordings to date.

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